Ventilator Rentals or Leasing

Ventilator Rentals or Leasing
When it comes to ventilator solutions, we have the equipment that is needed with the inventory tracking and technology to deliver it rapidly. We maintain strict quality control and preventative maintenance to ensure proper calibration and functionality of our entire fleet.
We aim to help weak critical care capacity across Nepal by both hardware and soft skill capacity building programs.

We lease ventilators for long term leasing or short term leasing
1. Long term leasing (>8 Weeks)
2. Short term leasing (< 8 Weeks)
3. Individual leasing

Long Term Leasing
Long term are leasing specially focused for institutions opting for substituting its fluctuating demand of machines in dynamic modelling. We see seasonality of disease and outbreak makes complicated situations for hospitals to make precise machinery reserves. We give them the option of a pool of machines with backup committed machines at any given time with such long-term leasing contract partners.
Short Term Leasing and rentals
This model is good for individual usage and for transport of critically ill individuals where leasing for long term is not practical and inadequate.
Individual Leasing
Individuals leasing will be provided to people in crisis facilities on request by institutions in humanitarian ground upon availability of machine and resources. This will be dealt case by case basis.

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