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 Ventilator Banking

COVID-19 has taught the medical community many valuable lessons one of those is, the importance of ventilators. Most notably, it has exposed our fragile critical care system. This crisis has humbled even countries like the USA, UK, Italy, Spain and China who have vast resources. The medical resources and response capabilities across the world have been overwhelmed with this crisis.

With only one ventilator for 114,000 people and most of them being permanently installed in hospitals and many of these ventilators and POCs are not patient ready. Nepal’s intensive medical care is currently helpless to fight with the crisis ahead.
There is a dire need for a medical system where ventilators and portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) stockpiles are readily available and accessible across the country. Nepal Ventilator services offers a Ventilator Banking System to Federal, provincial, and local governments, as well as to private hospitals.

This initiative ensures that owned ventilators and POCs are serviced, repaired, maintained, staged, and re-deployed as needed. We ensure easy and accessible availability of ventilators when and where needed.

We have a formula that works.

Pooling Ventilators when needed.

Innovation and Inventory

These ventilators will be kept in a “Nepal Ventilator Bank” and will be available for community hospitals based on the trajectory of COVID-19 spreads. A consortium of doctors, and community leaders will manage the distribution and maintenance of such equipment.

- We create a Ventilator inventory, ventilators will be rented out to places where needed and
return back after the use.

- In place of patients move to hospitals with ventilators, ventilators will move where the
patient is.

- We will optimize the number of days ventilators are used and cost per day use of ventilators to the hospitals, decreasing theultimate burden to patient.

- We will have a dedicate technical team tomanage warehouse, transport and
maintain equipment on ready to deploy capacity.

We will work tirelessly with the most prominent and the innovative suppliers across the globe to ensure that appropriate clinical solutions are available to the patients, regardless of their ventilation needs.

"Health is the most important thing you have in life!"

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